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Interactive Newsletter


Archived Interactives

Interactive will not be produced in the future, but you can visit the link above for archives.

Interactive was a bi-annual print publication designed to promote the activities of the Consortium for Interactive Instruction (C.I.I.). The C.I.I. is a regional consortium of public and private schools and universities. It was inaugurated in 1984 and currently represents over 24,000 teachers and nearly 280,000 students in eastern Virginia. As a user-directed, user-funded activity managed by WHRO-TV, the C.I.I. is committed to leading the transformation of education by advocating the most appropriate uses of technology.

Interactive was distributed two times each year (summer/fall, and winter/spring) to nearly 28,000 teachers and administrators in C.I.I. member schools and divisions via the web.

If you have a technology related story about something going on in a C.I.I. member school, please e-mail  Even though Interactive will not be published in the current format, we will be sharing stories through the Education site.

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